Saturday, July 21, 2007

Beach.. Well not really....

... but who's counting? We found a "beach" that is only about a 30 minute drive from our house... It is super nice... Other than the bird poop on the ground it is relatively clean.... We wanted to take the kids to a real beach with the ocean and all of the other fun stuff, but seeing as we are seriously landlocked, and have a child whom as most of you know, HATES the car, I am NOT up for the drive and we cannot afford to fly 5 people to a state with beaches... If we could afford it the hubby and I would take that honeymoon trip we always wanted... Right? So anyway the "beach" in OH-IO will have to do for now..

We had a great time.. There were only a handful of people there to enjoy the day, which by the way was beautiful and on the (very) cool side, around 70 and sunny.. It has been a beautiful summer here.. And this is going to be my first winter in a northern state.. I am scared to death I might add.... But that is neither here nor there right now. So RT had no clue that we were not at a real beach and he didn't give a rat's behind.. He had the time of his life.. He swam and built sand (small crushed up rock) castles... And scram and ran and laughed.. He had more fun than I have ever seen him have before.. And believe me I AM FUN (as far as moms go)!!!
We went to Target yesterday and he insisited we buy a bucket and shovel for the "beach".. So looks like we are slated for a few more trips before summer is up.. Which is fine with me... It is free (major plus) and close (another major plus) so I guess you will be seeing us at the "beach" quite a bit.
Well RT has dug the funnies out of the Sunday paper so we are off to read those.. Happy beginning of the week to everyone.. Mine are like rotating bits of days... No real beginning or ending to anything... NICE>>>>>

Me Blog ....

I am still totally new to this whole blog thing... I think I am spending more time reading blogs than I am actually blogging... So should I blog? I am still not too sure... Of all people I have the most boring existance in the whole world. I may get out of the house like once a week so all I have to talk about are my silly kids... One of which (the funniest one) is MIA for another 3 weeks...
I guess I just do it so my family has something to read to keep up with the kids and what we are doing, and to give me something to do while the kids are sleeping... Just so I don't go crazy, I guess, I am there already though, I think.... Could someone please let me know? If I am crazy...Oh well... Here are the top five reasons I don't think I should blog...

1. I am boring.
2. I am not funny.
3. I am not witty.
4. I am not sacastic.
5. Who cares?

On the other hand... If no one cares then why should I care? Right? I guess, so I guess I will keep on truckin' BTW.. I love that song... I miss Jerry G. hehe... The funny thing is that of all the top 5 reasons that I shouldn't blog, my husband and our various friends are all of those things... I guess I just like to think I can hang with the posse... Every once in a while something witty and funny will cross my lips, and sometimes just sometimes I can make my husband laugh at me... What an achievement... NO really it is hard to get even a small chuckle out of him... So anyway... I like to blog so I am going to keep on keeping on, I don't care what anyone says...

Love, ME

PS... I am the nosiest person in the ENTIRE world.. I think it was bred into me.. Ya know how small towns are, that is the once place to go if you want everyone to know your business.. Seriously, I am soooo nosey and I think that is why I like blogging... It is a way to see what people are up to (aka.. being nosey) without them really even knowing you are reading it ALL OF THE TIME.... I love it... So that is the real reason I blog, I feel like if I am secretly indulging my nosiness then I should tell my story too... hehehehehehehehe