Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Blanket Complete

So as promised here is the new baby blanket I have *just* finished.  I literally just sewed in all the ends.

(a little stitching while reading my Nook)

I made this for one of my best girlfriends who will be welcoming baby BOY #3 into their family.  We now officially have enough boys between the two of us for a baseball team.  (Right?  I think you need 6?)  Anywho, I hope she likes this.

She very much dislikes all of my thrifty granny-chic decorating, she much prefers things straight out of PB.  Which amazes me because I can find super similar things at the thrift.  Oh well to each his own.  All of the aforementioned dislikes brings me as to why I decided to make this blanket.  I figure that chevron patterns are popping up everywhere.  I personally LOVE a good graphic chevron!!  Plus a good ole granny zig zag really never goes out of style.   I also feel like the addition of the charcoal gray adds an ultra modern, non-baby-ish, feel to the entire blanket.

Without further ado, drumroll please...

I give you baby boy #3 chevron blanket... In all of it's glory!!