Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seriously getting stuff done...

After the last blog post I actually got up off my hind end and got some work done around the house... I guess actually forming thoughts into words and putting them out into the world made me feel totally and completely worthless. Guess it worked... So, I have decided the best way to get things done is A.) Write it down and B.) Get dressed. It seems if I get dressed first thing in the morning I am more productive throughout the day, rather than staying in my jammies or something similar.

All of my Christmas shopping is done as well... I mean I am a completely different person than in the past, I am usually the mom who is at the Wal-Marts Christmas Eve morning getting gifts and wrapping them Christmas Eve night... At least now I can enjoy that night without worrying if I have everything ready for the next morning... SO, yay me!! I feel so much better this year.

So unfortunately I am more than likely going to use this blog as a way to keep on myself to get things done. Use it as a responsibility check list for me. Since there are no other adults around it is hard to stay motivated. The kids rarely, if ever, notice that I didn't fold laundry or make my bed or clean the kitchen... This makes it hard for me to stay motivated to do those types of things. At least I know there are a few other people who read this and hopefully it will keep me feeling just enough guilty that I stay on top of my duties as a house-mommy!! :)