Monday, August 30, 2010

GO BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!

All of the proceeds will benefit  Smith Magenis Syndrome research...  This is a "kid-jam" CD and it is awesome!!  My kids love it already, and so do I ... And it benefits such a great cause... Please check out Pacing The Panic Room's blog to read more about it... Such a great, fantastic, worth while cause... Enjoy!!  

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hit or miss?

I crocheted this today and think it is pretty cute... Just curious what you guys think?  Let me have it... 

Hit or Miss?

I think it would be super cute with a plain white t and jeans.... What do you think?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I heart my mom...

She is awesome!!  I remember being little and her dragging me all over to garage sales, flea markets, etc...  Unfortunately, I hated every minute of it.  But now that I love thrifting and finding treasures I cherish those memories as tragic as they were.  Now, every time we get together we are first in line when the doors open to our favorite thrift stores or garage sales.  It is a great time that we can share doing something we both love...  It is so fun to find things together and discuss what their original purpose was, wonder what the story of each item is... I love it. 

 Recently, on a trip to TN to visit my parents I confided in her how much I wanted, pined for, drooled over vintage pull down style school maps.  I told her how I loved them as a child in school - the colors, hearing them slap against the ceiling as they were put away after lessons.  Anywho, mom has been substitute teaching as of late, since she was let-go from her job of 25 years a couple years ago.  I told her to snoop around and see if she could find any.  

Guess what, today she came through for me.  Good old mom, they always do come through in the end, don't they?  Here are a few pics I was excited to find in my inbox this afternoon... And mind you, these were with the mops in the janitor's closet waiting to be trashed, all 3 of them... LOVE.THEM.AND.LOVE.HER.MORE!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!

I can't wait to see these hanging in my basement where the kids have a play area!!!!!  So exited!!!

Thanks mom!!!!  You are awesome!!! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Peach Pickin'

A few weeks ago, the next door neighbors who we have been adopted by, invited us to go to the farm and pick peaches, blackberries and veggies!!  We trekked over to a cute "non-commercialized" family owned farm over in Illinois.  It was so H-O-T, but so much fun!!!  The boys had a blast and their favorite part was feeding the sweet little goats!!!  My favorite part was eating the home made peach cobbler that my mom cooked when she got here the following day!!  Oh and the home made mixed berry jam made by our sweet adopted next door grandma!!!  YUM!!!