Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bad Blogger... Good Mommie!

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately but with working and driving like 100 miles round trip everyday I just can't seem to find the time... Although my work is boring enough I did think the other day while I was twiddling my thumbs.. Why not write a blog entry? I could type it in my e-mail and then send it to my home e-mail.. Hmmmmmmmmm.. Good idea/Bad idea? I didn't want to get in trouble...Since I work for a smaller company I found it a better idea not to.. I am just afraid they (the IT department of 5 for a company of 100) probably have nothing better to do than sit around and read my incoming and outgoing mail... I am a tad bit paranoid but I would rather be safe than sorry... Or would I!?!?!?!? haha... So when I get home I do not blog, rather I sit with my children and hold them and wallow in guilt at being away from them all day...

Anyway, I really like my work.. But I miss my kids so bad.. Little RT fell twice last week at the baby sitters house.. Once out of a kitchen chair and once down the steps... So my clumsy little one falls like mommie does.... Oh did I mention I fell down while stepping off of the porch holding the baby?!?!? He at least was buckled into his car seat so while I writhed around on the ground nursing my twisted ankle he was just sitting there looking at me like I was an idiot and also giving me that... Why the hell did you just throw me on the ground look... BAD MOMMIE!!!

The sitter and her husband usually follow me out to the car so of course I had an audience for my theatrics.. I told my hubby when I got home what had happened and his first question was not.. "Are you ok?" But more like did they laugh at you because I would have cried I would be laughing so hard... Just like a husband.. just like a man... So that was pretty funny but I guess the sitter just shook her head and thought... Now I don't feel so bad that her son falls too... Like mother like son!!

Another fantastic thing that is going on..... We think that baby WT has thrush.. I am a part time breast feeder now that I am back at work and I am not having any of the symptoms of having the infection on my breasts, but he has a mouth full of it... So as bad as I hate to, I think we are going to go straight bottle fed from this weekend on... I am crushed... I hate to know that this is my last weekend with a baby nursing... I am gonna miss it so much.. Not enough to have any more children mind you, but I will miss it just the same..

Oh well HMac is doing great in school.. A little struggle in math is ongoing but I am not a math genius myself so I can't be too hard on him.. Oh and now that I think of it he has been falling down at school all week too... What a graceful bunch we are!!! I am sure one day we will all be out walking somewhere and the whole lot of us will just fall down.. All together... How funny would that be.. I can tell you one thing Hubby will be laughing and more than likely so will I ..

Friday, September 14, 2007

They grow so fast!

It just seems like yesterday I was hanging out with HMac watching him roll around on the floor... Now, he is in middle school and the beginning stages of, well you know regular guy stuff.. Poor kid..

But I am just amazed at the kids.. RT has been having full blown conversations with me since January of this year and now little WT is trying to crawl and pop a few teeth! It seems like just yesterday I was driving myself to the hospital - 2 kids in tow - on my own - hubby 6 hours away to have the third bebe... I mean how time flies.. I just wanted to say how much my kids are a HUGE part of my life and I wish that time would just stand still and they would all stay around the age of two.. That is the best (we have been lucky so far - watch out for little WT - he may be terrible - yet to know)... Anyway here is a video - ENJOY!!

Little WT crawling, or at least trying from AlliT on Vimeo.

Oh yeah did you see his hair... Isn't it the greatest thing going!??!? He is too funny!! Baby fro's rule!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Am I seeing double?

I was making myself a little breakfast the other day, decided to eat some eggs like a lot of people do in the morning time and what the hey...... I broke an egg with a twin yolk in it... What the heck.. I mean I guess I had never thought that chickens could have "twins" per say but it was cool.. Here is a pic..

Neat huh? I have never seen one before, and most everyone I have talked to about it says they have never seen one either.. So I HAD to call hubby on the golf course and tell him about the egg phenom.. (and I sent him a pic on his cell phone too!) I just think it is the weirdest thing ever.. I almost could not bring myself to eat it.. I was a little freaked out.. I mean eggs are hard for me to eat anyway but a double one.. It just hit home that eggs turn into chickens and kinda grossed me out.. All I could think about was, what if someone tried to eat my eggs.. I mean that is GROSS.. OK so I took it a little too far, but still..

Anyway I guess that just goes to show you how weird my thought process is and how absolutely BORING my life is.. I am fascinated by eggs and their grossness..

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Work........ blah...

So, I have almost completed a whole weeks worth of work... The first one in seven months.. Whew.. I am soooo beat.. Sorry for the no posts, but if it wasn't for the hubby we would not have even eaten this week.. I was too tired to even cook once I was home.. I MEAN TIRED!!

Apparently the place I work molds fiberglass compounds... So I was hot itchy and had to wash immediately once I got home.. They say you get used to it.. I am not yet used to it and hope to not have to venture out into the plant very often. I signed up for an office job right? Glass dust + sweat + one whiney b!tch = bad day..

I do however like all of the people I have met so far.. Which is one positive.. Anyway, off of that subject.. Just know that I am back at work.. not with my kiddos and am feeling a little guilty for leaving them.. And if I can get back into the swing of things, ya know not sleeping for like 14 hours a day I will hopefully post more often about how guilty I feel.

The kids did well this week but now both have runny noses... I knew that would happen as sure as the sun comes up in the east every morning.. They are both sick and that also adds to the fuel of the guilt I am feeling.. WT has a doctors appt tomorrow morning and I can't go.. I guess I just do not feel right taking off a day when I have only worked a total of 4 days... So daddy is taking him.. I am missing the FIRST one of any of my kids doctors appts.. I am totally on my way to winning the worst mom of the year award.. Right up there with moms who have crack babies and the other moms who whore their kids out.. AAARRRGGHHH!!!! I am totally loosing it!

Also, RT tells me every day to go backwards.. To him that means go home.. Just turn around and GO HOME!!! Then he tries to remember the various things he "forgot".. Like milk, his blankie, taking out the garbage, etc... None of it works and then he pulls out, mommie I like you home.. Stab me through the heart.. How does a 2.5 year old know how to load a gun and shoot me through the heart... They are smart I tell ya.. Oh yeah and the icing on the cake........ He calls the baby sitter and her husband Mom and Dad.. I think more than anything it is because he hears her kiddos calling them that but try telling me that when I get there from a long and itchy days work.. Little WT is totally clueless, so that helps a little..

I am sure these feelings of guilt will all fade.. I hope anyway.. If not like I said before I and my lazy a$$ will quit and sit on aforementioned lazy a$$ in like a NY minute if I feel like it..