Thursday, September 6, 2007

Work........ blah...

So, I have almost completed a whole weeks worth of work... The first one in seven months.. Whew.. I am soooo beat.. Sorry for the no posts, but if it wasn't for the hubby we would not have even eaten this week.. I was too tired to even cook once I was home.. I MEAN TIRED!!

Apparently the place I work molds fiberglass compounds... So I was hot itchy and had to wash immediately once I got home.. They say you get used to it.. I am not yet used to it and hope to not have to venture out into the plant very often. I signed up for an office job right? Glass dust + sweat + one whiney b!tch = bad day..

I do however like all of the people I have met so far.. Which is one positive.. Anyway, off of that subject.. Just know that I am back at work.. not with my kiddos and am feeling a little guilty for leaving them.. And if I can get back into the swing of things, ya know not sleeping for like 14 hours a day I will hopefully post more often about how guilty I feel.

The kids did well this week but now both have runny noses... I knew that would happen as sure as the sun comes up in the east every morning.. They are both sick and that also adds to the fuel of the guilt I am feeling.. WT has a doctors appt tomorrow morning and I can't go.. I guess I just do not feel right taking off a day when I have only worked a total of 4 days... So daddy is taking him.. I am missing the FIRST one of any of my kids doctors appts.. I am totally on my way to winning the worst mom of the year award.. Right up there with moms who have crack babies and the other moms who whore their kids out.. AAARRRGGHHH!!!! I am totally loosing it!

Also, RT tells me every day to go backwards.. To him that means go home.. Just turn around and GO HOME!!! Then he tries to remember the various things he "forgot".. Like milk, his blankie, taking out the garbage, etc... None of it works and then he pulls out, mommie I like you home.. Stab me through the heart.. How does a 2.5 year old know how to load a gun and shoot me through the heart... They are smart I tell ya.. Oh yeah and the icing on the cake........ He calls the baby sitter and her husband Mom and Dad.. I think more than anything it is because he hears her kiddos calling them that but try telling me that when I get there from a long and itchy days work.. Little WT is totally clueless, so that helps a little..

I am sure these feelings of guilt will all fade.. I hope anyway.. If not like I said before I and my lazy a$$ will quit and sit on aforementioned lazy a$$ in like a NY minute if I feel like it..

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