Monday, September 10, 2007

Am I seeing double?

I was making myself a little breakfast the other day, decided to eat some eggs like a lot of people do in the morning time and what the hey...... I broke an egg with a twin yolk in it... What the heck.. I mean I guess I had never thought that chickens could have "twins" per say but it was cool.. Here is a pic..

Neat huh? I have never seen one before, and most everyone I have talked to about it says they have never seen one either.. So I HAD to call hubby on the golf course and tell him about the egg phenom.. (and I sent him a pic on his cell phone too!) I just think it is the weirdest thing ever.. I almost could not bring myself to eat it.. I was a little freaked out.. I mean eggs are hard for me to eat anyway but a double one.. It just hit home that eggs turn into chickens and kinda grossed me out.. All I could think about was, what if someone tried to eat my eggs.. I mean that is GROSS.. OK so I took it a little too far, but still..

Anyway I guess that just goes to show you how weird my thought process is and how absolutely BORING my life is.. I am fascinated by eggs and their grossness..

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I'm a Mom!..? said...

I have egg issues too! I broke one once to see some of the grossest stuff you can imagine, I couldn't even think about eggs for a about a year....