Friday, September 14, 2007

They grow so fast!

It just seems like yesterday I was hanging out with HMac watching him roll around on the floor... Now, he is in middle school and the beginning stages of, well you know regular guy stuff.. Poor kid..

But I am just amazed at the kids.. RT has been having full blown conversations with me since January of this year and now little WT is trying to crawl and pop a few teeth! It seems like just yesterday I was driving myself to the hospital - 2 kids in tow - on my own - hubby 6 hours away to have the third bebe... I mean how time flies.. I just wanted to say how much my kids are a HUGE part of my life and I wish that time would just stand still and they would all stay around the age of two.. That is the best (we have been lucky so far - watch out for little WT - he may be terrible - yet to know)... Anyway here is a video - ENJOY!!

Little WT crawling, or at least trying from AlliT on Vimeo.

Oh yeah did you see his hair... Isn't it the greatest thing going!??!? He is too funny!! Baby fro's rule!!

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