Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So yesterday we had a "mock" run thru with the babysitter, since I will start working next week. I went to her house, hung out with her and the kids for an hour or so and then snuck out the door... She kept them for a couple of hours and things went fine.. She is super sweet, I really do like her a lot.. I just hope after next week she will still like my "NEEDY" children..

My husband and I went and took the big car to get new tires, oil change, etc.. And then went to have a childless lunch... Great right??? Well not so much... We had fun I guess as far as having a mid-working-day lunch can go.. He was in a hurry..

The funniest thing happens... The restaurant sat a SAHM across from us... She brought her two children in to have lunch.. Of course they were the same ages as WT and RT. With pretty much the same temperament.. Needless to say our "Babyless" lunch was not so babyless.. I am sympathetic with her.. I wanted to give her little girl who was screaming "French Fries" very loudly some of my fries until she got her own... But I just thought it may look rude... So I acted like she was being an angel.. Poor pitiful me... Can't even enjoy a quiet lunch with my hubby... The first one EVER without children.. IT SUCKS...

Anyway, to top it all of little RT has been saying to me all day... Mommie, so glad you are home... AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH.. Bring on the guilt trip..

Monday, August 27, 2007

Big News (Unfortunately)

I have some big news!! i am just a little unsure if it is good news or bad news.. Oh well here goes.. I am going back to work!! I am just a little torn over it, I can't make up my mind if I am happy or sad... I am sure I will know within the first couple of weeks though.

I have been staying home with the boys since Feb. of this year.. When little WT was born in March I just knew that working was not going to be in our (my) future.. First of all would the money I make offset daycare for 3 children?? And if I did work, did we want someone else outside of my husband and I to care for our kiddos?? Add on a move from St. Louis to Columbus and you have a real mess... So we decided it better to just suck it up and for me to stay home.. It all just seemed a little overwhelming to begin with...

So, I had not been looking for a job.. I could have cared less either way.. But I do always keep my resume updated on Monster, just for the sake of having it out there and that way it is on Monster and I can't loose it that way (can I??) Well, one afternoon about a month ago I received a phone call from a company looking for someone to do a job that I really like to do... So I sputtered out some rediculous amount of money (for that type of job, mind you), because I was not super duper interested in going back to work, and lo and behold they wanted me to come in for an interview... Well to make a long story short, after about 7 interviews I got the job... It is a 45 minute drive one way from home and the money is decent... So I am now, once again a working mother..

I found someone who I think will be fabulous to watch the two little ones.. I just hope everything works out.... That they will like her and she will like them.. That they just meld.. Ya know... I am just worried... She is a SAHM of 5 of her OWN children.. So I trust she knows how to handle children... More on that later.

Wish me luck!! I am a nervous wreck.. But I guess if it is too much for my lazy butt I can just quit and stay home again...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I still love you...

dear blog.. I am sooo sorry for all of my millions of readers out there to have left you hanging for so long.. I still love you and have NOT, regardless of the rumors, broken up with you.. So will you still love me too.. YES or NO or MAYBE... circle one and pass it back to me..

Anyway, my mom just left town to return to her boring life without grandchildren of the male kind, to Tennessee.. We had fun, so much fun, hence the NO POSTS.. We were so busy we didn't even get to finish all of the things we had planned out, most importantly a good shopping trip to Wal-Mart and Target.. Can you believe it.. I let that pass up.. I chose instead to visit Goodwill and various yardsales..

Now this is huge for me.. I used to HATE MY MOM (sorry mom)for taking me on Saturday morning yard sale ventures.. I am still no early bird.. What with a breastfeeding baby and 2.5 year old.. I am kinda tired.. Only because I have trained these two to sleep until 9AM.. I am spoiled.. Throw eggs at me now.. I know, I know.. My children are gifts from heaven.. (Hoping no jinx are in my near future).. So anyway..We (shall I say my mom) found some great things at the yard sales in Indiana..Oh yeah we went to my aunt's house in Indiana for the last part of her trip - more on that later.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE botanical prints.. Any kind, flower, plants, etc.. So I had told my mom IF you find any kind of picture, framed or not, of botanical prints pick them up for me.. I am still looking for things to hang on my walls.. I am in love with botanicals.. So she shows up with these.. Aren't they beautiful.. and OLD too.. I love them... I wish I had more but these two are a great start to a collection I hope will grow exponetially..They were marked $5 each and she got them both for $5.. Sweet huh????

My husband hates them but I love them so they are going on my walls... Tough doodie...

On to our trip to Indiana.. My mom is originally from a small suburb north of Indianapolis... Her dad moved her to hillbilly country TN when she was in 6th grade.. She hates it, but refuses to leave.. Explain that one to me.. She was the youngest of 10.. Her closest sister in age is 20 years older than her.. Mailman?? I think so? So all of her sisters stayed behind when grandpa moved back to TN, and they are still in Indiana to this day.. 3 sisters all significantly older than my mom.. All packrats and all rediculously funny..
So I scored some major loot from her too... Shown here.

For instance the sister we bunked with has oh maybe 20 chickens in her backyard, 5 of which are crowing roosters..She lives on a major road IN TOWN and her backyard backs up to a NEW subivision (less than 3 years old, planned neighborhood) So I am gonna venture out and say they are not too happy she has chickens in her yard..Here is a link to the video of "THE RUNNING OF THE CHICKENS" starring the one the only little RT..

Anyway we had a good time and I miss her already... Although, I am glad to have my old boring schedule back...

Friday, August 10, 2007

This is great!

Below is an e-mail my husband wrote in reponse to a co-worker on how his day was going.. I had some business to take care of today, so this was the first time daddy was at home, alone, with the children - he was here alone with them for around 4 - 5 hours...I was terrified but now just impressed...


AlliT left at 08:00 and at that instant a fear washed over my entire being and I began to tremble. Then something miraculous happened. ....WT began to smile. As my nausea began to dissipate, I began to baby talk with him. We had a rather invigorating conversation. After that ended he decided to take a nap at 9:15.

This is my chance; I washed the dishes and straightened up the front room. I don't think I need to remind you that I did this in absolute silence, much like the Ninja's of Japan. After an hour and a half nap, the finicky monster arose from his slumber and demanded attention. After a quick diaper change, all was well, and at this point no crying for almost 180 minutes. Maybe there are higher powers at work.

After some bouncing and swinging Mr. WT decided it was time to test the waters. At 5 minutes to 12, the low rumble of discontent started. With a mighty crescendo, it climaxed at a ear piercing, blood curdling scream along with very impressive water works. Dad quick to handle any task, scooped the young T baby up, and began to tell lies and compromises' trying to stop this mental anguish.

To everything holy and mighty, only after 20 minutes of crying, the young Prince falls into a deep slumber and lays his precious little head on the couch and falls into a content sleep.

As a small tear falls from my cheek, I realize I have escaped another episode of "How long will your baby cry."

I love how daddies have no clue how much hard work being a SAHM is!! :-) I feel justified.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

HMac is missing...

... from my house.. I just realized last night that he has been gone for 2 months.. I MISS HIM!!! I told daddy last night that I could not wait for him to come home.. He enjoys getting to be the "only" child at my parents house. He goes there for his entire summer break, therefore leaving me sad and unhappy. I feel like he doesn't even like me anymore.. Every time I ask him if he is ready to come home he says no. I can't blame him.. He was the only child for 8 years and suddenly he has not one, but two baby brothers.. Needless to say he doesn't get my undivided attention anymore.. He doesn't mind (I think), he loves his brothers, but he also doesn't mind being with grandparents who spoil him with video games and fast food for two months either..

Mawmaw is bringing him home on Saturday.. and I can't wait.. It just hit me like a bag of hot lava last night how much I miss him and I almost couldn't contain myself.. The upside, I get to see him in a couple of days.. The downside, I know my mom is going to be beside herself to see him go.. I feel bad, super bad, but he is mine after all, right, I gave birth to him, right??.. Although I am sure she would like to protest that and keep all of my children as her own..

Unleash the wrath that is my mom.. Not a bad wrath, but bring on the fun!!! I can't wait for her to be here, she is my BEST FRIEND, and boy do we have fun!! Who knows what we will get into but I will for sure let you all know the craziness that is the "SANDERS GIRLS" as it happens... I bet you can't wait can you.. I am sure it will be full of laughing until one of us poops, I mean pees herself.. haha...

Oh well, HMac I am ready for you to get home so I can yell at you, I mean HUG you and kiss you.. I miss my baby!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sweet video of my baby...

This is a video post more for my mom than anyone.. Just so she can hear her granbaby!! He is too sweet.. and a talker... WOW!!!!!!!!!