Wednesday, August 8, 2007

HMac is missing...

... from my house.. I just realized last night that he has been gone for 2 months.. I MISS HIM!!! I told daddy last night that I could not wait for him to come home.. He enjoys getting to be the "only" child at my parents house. He goes there for his entire summer break, therefore leaving me sad and unhappy. I feel like he doesn't even like me anymore.. Every time I ask him if he is ready to come home he says no. I can't blame him.. He was the only child for 8 years and suddenly he has not one, but two baby brothers.. Needless to say he doesn't get my undivided attention anymore.. He doesn't mind (I think), he loves his brothers, but he also doesn't mind being with grandparents who spoil him with video games and fast food for two months either..

Mawmaw is bringing him home on Saturday.. and I can't wait.. It just hit me like a bag of hot lava last night how much I miss him and I almost couldn't contain myself.. The upside, I get to see him in a couple of days.. The downside, I know my mom is going to be beside herself to see him go.. I feel bad, super bad, but he is mine after all, right, I gave birth to him, right??.. Although I am sure she would like to protest that and keep all of my children as her own..

Unleash the wrath that is my mom.. Not a bad wrath, but bring on the fun!!! I can't wait for her to be here, she is my BEST FRIEND, and boy do we have fun!! Who knows what we will get into but I will for sure let you all know the craziness that is the "SANDERS GIRLS" as it happens... I bet you can't wait can you.. I am sure it will be full of laughing until one of us poops, I mean pees herself.. haha...

Oh well, HMac I am ready for you to get home so I can yell at you, I mean HUG you and kiss you.. I miss my baby!!!!!!!!!

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