Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bad Blogger... Good Mommie!

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately but with working and driving like 100 miles round trip everyday I just can't seem to find the time... Although my work is boring enough I did think the other day while I was twiddling my thumbs.. Why not write a blog entry? I could type it in my e-mail and then send it to my home e-mail.. Hmmmmmmmmm.. Good idea/Bad idea? I didn't want to get in trouble...Since I work for a smaller company I found it a better idea not to.. I am just afraid they (the IT department of 5 for a company of 100) probably have nothing better to do than sit around and read my incoming and outgoing mail... I am a tad bit paranoid but I would rather be safe than sorry... Or would I!?!?!?!? haha... So when I get home I do not blog, rather I sit with my children and hold them and wallow in guilt at being away from them all day...

Anyway, I really like my work.. But I miss my kids so bad.. Little RT fell twice last week at the baby sitters house.. Once out of a kitchen chair and once down the steps... So my clumsy little one falls like mommie does.... Oh did I mention I fell down while stepping off of the porch holding the baby?!?!? He at least was buckled into his car seat so while I writhed around on the ground nursing my twisted ankle he was just sitting there looking at me like I was an idiot and also giving me that... Why the hell did you just throw me on the ground look... BAD MOMMIE!!!

The sitter and her husband usually follow me out to the car so of course I had an audience for my theatrics.. I told my hubby when I got home what had happened and his first question was not.. "Are you ok?" But more like did they laugh at you because I would have cried I would be laughing so hard... Just like a husband.. just like a man... So that was pretty funny but I guess the sitter just shook her head and thought... Now I don't feel so bad that her son falls too... Like mother like son!!

Another fantastic thing that is going on..... We think that baby WT has thrush.. I am a part time breast feeder now that I am back at work and I am not having any of the symptoms of having the infection on my breasts, but he has a mouth full of it... So as bad as I hate to, I think we are going to go straight bottle fed from this weekend on... I am crushed... I hate to know that this is my last weekend with a baby nursing... I am gonna miss it so much.. Not enough to have any more children mind you, but I will miss it just the same..

Oh well HMac is doing great in school.. A little struggle in math is ongoing but I am not a math genius myself so I can't be too hard on him.. Oh and now that I think of it he has been falling down at school all week too... What a graceful bunch we are!!! I am sure one day we will all be out walking somewhere and the whole lot of us will just fall down.. All together... How funny would that be.. I can tell you one thing Hubby will be laughing and more than likely so will I ..