Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still here...

...why yes I am!! I know some of you are stopping by to see how we are and if I am OK? Well the fact of the matter is that we are doing fine, and yes I am OK, I am still alive right. I will post more on the pressing issue of my husband passing away at some other time, when I feel like I can handle writing about it. Now is still not the time for me emotionally based on below facts:

1. Halloween was super hard.
2. Wedding Anniversary was hard.
3. Thanksgiving was hard.
4. Christmas is going to be very hard.
5. Shane's 33rd birthday he isn't going to see is going to be hard.

With that said, I am doing the best I know how to keep functioning... Using my sometimes insane sense of humor to be the best mom I know how to be for my children... And missing him like hell everyday. The old saying, "One day at a time" is very applicable right now. Thank you everyone so much for the prayers and continued well wishes and positive thoughts and energy sent our way. It has really helped just knowing everyone is out there thinking of us and praying for us. Love you all!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What the hey...

We just got home from baby WT's 18 mo check up at the doctor... He is only in the 3rd percentile on weight and the 7th percentile on height but his head circumference is in the 95th percentile... And as his big bro RT says he is "PRECIOUS"... but the doc just says he is "petite" like his mom (LOL - I think she was mocking me and I almost hit her) (Seriously) (NO SERIOUSLY)... So 4 shots for WT, 3 shots for HMac, and a flu-mist for RT and we were OUT... Few tears from any of them. HMac said it hurt so bad, but all he could do was laugh uncontrollably...

Note of interest: Ohio State fans are some of the most dedicated fans in the entire world... I am not saying that is a good thing or a bad thing but being an "outsider", and by that I mean not being born in the great state of Oh-io, it is something that is super hard for me to comprehend... I think children here have no choice other than to be Ohio State fans... Their parents do not let them choose a favorite team when they are old enough to make that decision, rather they burn the Ohio State fight song into their brains by repeating it like a lullaby or a favorite book... It is the most odd thing I have ever seen... Case in point - a little boy in the waiting room at the doctor's office was screaming at the top of his lungs, "Ohio State rocks - Penn State sucks!".... I mean screaming, very very loudly... He could have only been like 5 at the oldest, he couldn't have come up with that on his own, someone older like a responsible adult had to teach him that... I have no problem with his statement other than the fact there were small children present and he was screaming the word "SUCKS!"... I am just burning mad by the time he left... His parents didn't even act like it was a big deal.. and well that just SUCKS!!!!

On a much more serious note my best friend's mother-in-law passed this morning... Our sympathy goes out to that family... It was a long battle and now she is at peace... So sadness here but great happiness on the other side... Leave it to me to facebook her a very cynical comment... My way of dealing - sympathetic humor... I am really good at that... Some people really don't like that, some find it hysterical... And as all of my close friends know... I know no other way to be besides hilarious...

OK enough ranting... Any irks on your mind?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another week gone...

Mom only left a couple of hours ago but I feel like she has been gone for weeks... We had a really good time while she was here and after consoling the children for over an hour this morning when they woke up and she wasn't here, things seem to be getting back to normal. I am sure the babies will be tired and groggy all day tomorrow when their usual non-grandparents routine starts back up so I feel super bad for Ms. Tracey tomorrow... I am sure they will be mean and grumpy all day... Hopefully there will be only a few fights and no casualities tomorrow.

Anyway, we enjoyed the Circleville Pumpkin Show on Friday night. It was a lot of fun! Mom enjoyed seeing all of the different things that could be made out of pumpkins and the HUGE pumpkins on display there. The winner of the show was almost 1,400 lbs. Insane, right? The kids played games and rode tons of rides. We all had a really good time. Yesterday was shopping day w/moms. We shopped all day!! Spent way too much money but a successful day nonetheless... A local Borders bookstore has tons of children's books ALWAYS on clearance. So once every few weeks the kids and I hit it up to get new reading material for them. We spent 30.00 yesterday on 120.00 worth of kids books... Our new fav being... Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs This book is absolutely insane. Our kids really like dinosaurs and pop up books... This book has the BEST of both worlds. The pop ups are intricatley designed and just beautiful. The kids are flipping over this book and so am I. I would HIGHLY reccommmend this book for anyone of any age.

Today it is off to the pumpkin patch to get our carving pumpkins for display so that should be an experience... I will post pics as soon as I can... In the meanwhile, have a great week!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Long week...

So with the boys gone this week I have had a ton of downtime... What did I get accomplished in this downtime? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I am lucky to have even washed a load of dishes, and that doesn't even count because the thing was loaded before they left. I finally just decided to get off my lazy butt and do it today because they will be home tomorrow... So the dreams of getting all of the things on my "TO DO" list will continue to wait, so be patient little fellas.

Hubby and I went out to dinner last night at a new place for us... We wanted to go somewhere grown up since the kids were not here. I had seen the place a hundred times and just figured it was some kind of redneck bar from the looks of the outside but once we walked in it was a pretty swanky place. The food was good, the atmosphere was good but the only thing I couldn't take my eyes off of was this... And this is totally true... There was a lady sitting in the booth just to the back left of hubby. She was very elderly to say the least... And I swear for the first ten minutes I didn't even notice but she had a dog on her lap.... YES A LAP DOG!! In an upscale restaurant.. And he had his paws ON THE TABLE... I am so serious right now, not even joking... Now I like other people's dogs (kind of), but overall I just think they are dirty and gross. Another couple walked in the door just as said dog was all up on the table and they were grossed out too!! The manager said it was a "service dog" but I promise this was just an old lady's lap dog... I told hubby the only way this was a "service dog" was if it was for depression/loneliness and it kept her from being that way... A service dog of happiness... I am all for dogs to help people with whatever their needs may be, but this dog was a poodle/shitzu/wiener dog at best... Oh and the best part it had a PINK outfit on that said "service dog" on it in curly italicized font... To me that says happiness like nothing else.

Oh and the other most rockin' thing we saw last night was a car with a wood board in the back window that was painted to say "Obama 08"... Now that is dedication... This person didn't even take the 5 minutes to drive to the local Democratic party's office to get a sticker, they hand painted a sign on a large plank of wood and stuck the projectile in their back window. They are willing to take a 2x4 in the back of the head for Barack. Awesome!

Tailgating today was fun! It was nice to get out, the weather was beautiful and the dedication of the OH-IO state fans is unbelievable... I did make the mistake of wearing my staple black t-shirt today, to the dismay of our hosts. I didn't realize that Purdue's colors were black and gold, I thought they were navy and gold. I would have worn something red but hubby is very appalled by the thought that we may match. We cannot ever wear the same colors at the same time. It is cute, as if that says about us that we love each other too much. He is just weird sometimes... Aren't we all?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I know...

I am bad once again... I get it OK.. So I am not good at this.. There are tons of things going on and I constantly think of topics for my blog, but I am just never ever able to get it down on "paper." The kids are in TN with my parents for the week and hubby is in Las Vegas having fun.. I cannot seriously remember the last time I was home all alone, it has to be around 2 years... I am sick which is status quo when I am alone... It seems as if my body decides that it likes to be sick when it has a few down days... Awesome right!?!? Here is the infamous list of fragmented thoughts... ENJOY!!

1. I have been doing P90X for a couple of months now.. Let me say that it is a terribly hard work out!! Now let me also say while I have been experiencing awesome muscle definition, I am slowly losing the battle of the bulge, let's just say I am having a hard time with the "diet" part of it... (I love soda sooooo much!! **I would marry soda if I could!**). So first 5K last April, more to come, but for now working on strength training... I have actually lost a lot of inches so I can't complain.. I am fitting into pre-baby # 2 clothes.. Which I am super happy about... so all the weight I gained with my last 2 pregnancies - UM GONE!!!!!!! Nice... Now just gotta get abs in tippy top shape and I will be the happiest girl on the planet.. I think!?!?

2. Looking forward to Oct. 14th - Ray LaMontagne's new CD comes out... I can't wait!!

3. We just got back from a wedding in STL.. We had a really good time.. Our summer home there needs lots of work so hopefully we can get that under control soon.. And we are debating taking it off the market for a while and renting it.. Scary but two house payments are scarier...

4. McCain / Obama - Obama / McCain?!?!? Seriously, I can't decide... I know I am horrible but I am just not happy with either one.

5. My best friend Lia is now a stay at home wifey... JEALOUS!! Still love you though and hope you get that dog...

6. Do you ever just read recipes for hours and then never make anything? I do.. Does that make me lazy? I think so..

7. The kids are awesome!! We went to St. Augustine, FL on family vaca this year and had a blast.. It is a really nice place to visit.. Very non-touristy in comparison to the other places we were thinking of visiting and the house we rented was super nice... The beach off the deck - awesome!! I promise we could be sitting on the beach or deck ALL DAY and maybe, maybe two people would walk by... It was so great and relaxing.

We will be decorating for Halloween this weekend after we get home from tailgating at the Ohio State game v. Perdue this weekend.. If we can still stand.. So the kids can at least come home to something exciting.. Mon will be staying for the whole week next week... Oh and PUMPKIN SHOW is next week in Circleville.. and YES we will be there...

OK that is it for now... I am going to try to revamp the site soon!! We need a new computer at home.. One that is a little more up to date... I think I killed the old one..

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I have a blog?

Once again I have bestowed myself with the "Worst blogger ever!" award for 2008. I bet you all figured Christmas must have been a doozie for me... Well, it was! And I am slowly but surely recovering from it. Yes it was mid-February before we finally threw the Christmas tree out and swept up over 100,000 needles (enough to fill a yard size trash bag!!!) I am still getting those things stuck in my feet!! BTW our Christmas tree lacked ample watering, if you didn't happen to gather that by the previous few statements....

So here are a few things that have been going on at the "T" household for the past couple months.

- RT is finally potty trained... That doesn't mean in a time of weakness that I don't put a diaper on him.. So, I guess it is lazyness and not weakness... Yes, I AM A LAZY BUM AND DON'T TAKE ON MY MOTHERLY RESPONSIBILITIES HEAD ON!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!! He is full of attitude and genuine kindness... He is an awesome kid, as are all of my children... And when he busts out a loud "Yes ma'am!" at the grocery here in OH-IO I couldn't be more proud of how much he is a gentleman.... He is awesome!!

- HMac is still in school and just finished basketball season... Now on to BASEBALL season. I signed hubby up to coach thinking that they *may* need an assistant coach... When they saw his name down to coach she drew HUGE stars all over the paper and said how desperate they were for coaches this year. Ummmmm, yeah his is mad!!! HMac has been a blessing in my life for 12 years now and continues to be one of the brightest spots of my past, and one of many bright spots that are my prsent and future!! Thanks for being so awesome!!!!!!!

- Baby WT is well just Baby WT. We have decided to drop the "baby" out of his name at his 1 year birthday. Well, just because it is silly and also we can't believe it stuck so easily. We began saying baby WT to help his then 2 year old brother adjust to a new baby.... It was all don't hit baby WT, don't lick baby WT, don't kick baby WT, don't put raisins up baby WT's nose, don't put baby WT in the dryer... well you get the picture... So now, everyone we know call WT, "baby WT" so we have to STOP!! Can you see a 6' boy in high school being called Baby WT?!?! Poor guy.. It is pitiful.. So tomorrow on his 1 YO b/day - WE STOP with the Baby WT stuff!!!!!!!! Seriously... It is going to be hard but we shall over come!!

- I am still working! Can you believe they keep me around!?!? I have made one of the best friends I have ever had in my life, at work.. She is awesome, so Lia if you are reading this, Thanks for making my days brighter... You are the best!! And she keeps me motivated, we together we keep each other motivated to stay in the gym... So all my inches lost are thanks to you!!!!!!! We are complete opposites so we get along fantastic!! She is everything I wish I could be in a woman!! Super strong, knows when to keep her mouth shut, walks in the path of Jesus at all costs and is just the NICEST person I know!! She is awesome! Things will get easier!! I promise!

- Hubby is still just hubby.. He still gets up with the kids one day on the weekend and lets me sleep in!! He still sometimes, with some prodding, cleans up after himself, and on good days he helps clean up after everyone else too! After 5 years he is still the most awesome thing that has happened to me and I am thankful for him every day!!

That is about it... I will try to update more often but ya know, life happens...