Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another week gone...

Mom only left a couple of hours ago but I feel like she has been gone for weeks... We had a really good time while she was here and after consoling the children for over an hour this morning when they woke up and she wasn't here, things seem to be getting back to normal. I am sure the babies will be tired and groggy all day tomorrow when their usual non-grandparents routine starts back up so I feel super bad for Ms. Tracey tomorrow... I am sure they will be mean and grumpy all day... Hopefully there will be only a few fights and no casualities tomorrow.

Anyway, we enjoyed the Circleville Pumpkin Show on Friday night. It was a lot of fun! Mom enjoyed seeing all of the different things that could be made out of pumpkins and the HUGE pumpkins on display there. The winner of the show was almost 1,400 lbs. Insane, right? The kids played games and rode tons of rides. We all had a really good time. Yesterday was shopping day w/moms. We shopped all day!! Spent way too much money but a successful day nonetheless... A local Borders bookstore has tons of children's books ALWAYS on clearance. So once every few weeks the kids and I hit it up to get new reading material for them. We spent 30.00 yesterday on 120.00 worth of kids books... Our new fav being... Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs This book is absolutely insane. Our kids really like dinosaurs and pop up books... This book has the BEST of both worlds. The pop ups are intricatley designed and just beautiful. The kids are flipping over this book and so am I. I would HIGHLY reccommmend this book for anyone of any age.

Today it is off to the pumpkin patch to get our carving pumpkins for display so that should be an experience... I will post pics as soon as I can... In the meanwhile, have a great week!


Anonymous said...

You should check out Storybox. They are great for Kids aged 3-6 and have a drawing competition on this month!

AlliT said...

Thanks blue... I will look into it!!