Monday, August 27, 2007

Big News (Unfortunately)

I have some big news!! i am just a little unsure if it is good news or bad news.. Oh well here goes.. I am going back to work!! I am just a little torn over it, I can't make up my mind if I am happy or sad... I am sure I will know within the first couple of weeks though.

I have been staying home with the boys since Feb. of this year.. When little WT was born in March I just knew that working was not going to be in our (my) future.. First of all would the money I make offset daycare for 3 children?? And if I did work, did we want someone else outside of my husband and I to care for our kiddos?? Add on a move from St. Louis to Columbus and you have a real mess... So we decided it better to just suck it up and for me to stay home.. It all just seemed a little overwhelming to begin with...

So, I had not been looking for a job.. I could have cared less either way.. But I do always keep my resume updated on Monster, just for the sake of having it out there and that way it is on Monster and I can't loose it that way (can I??) Well, one afternoon about a month ago I received a phone call from a company looking for someone to do a job that I really like to do... So I sputtered out some rediculous amount of money (for that type of job, mind you), because I was not super duper interested in going back to work, and lo and behold they wanted me to come in for an interview... Well to make a long story short, after about 7 interviews I got the job... It is a 45 minute drive one way from home and the money is decent... So I am now, once again a working mother..

I found someone who I think will be fabulous to watch the two little ones.. I just hope everything works out.... That they will like her and she will like them.. That they just meld.. Ya know... I am just worried... She is a SAHM of 5 of her OWN children.. So I trust she knows how to handle children... More on that later.

Wish me luck!! I am a nervous wreck.. But I guess if it is too much for my lazy butt I can just quit and stay home again...