Saturday, October 11, 2008

Long week...

So with the boys gone this week I have had a ton of downtime... What did I get accomplished in this downtime? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I am lucky to have even washed a load of dishes, and that doesn't even count because the thing was loaded before they left. I finally just decided to get off my lazy butt and do it today because they will be home tomorrow... So the dreams of getting all of the things on my "TO DO" list will continue to wait, so be patient little fellas.

Hubby and I went out to dinner last night at a new place for us... We wanted to go somewhere grown up since the kids were not here. I had seen the place a hundred times and just figured it was some kind of redneck bar from the looks of the outside but once we walked in it was a pretty swanky place. The food was good, the atmosphere was good but the only thing I couldn't take my eyes off of was this... And this is totally true... There was a lady sitting in the booth just to the back left of hubby. She was very elderly to say the least... And I swear for the first ten minutes I didn't even notice but she had a dog on her lap.... YES A LAP DOG!! In an upscale restaurant.. And he had his paws ON THE TABLE... I am so serious right now, not even joking... Now I like other people's dogs (kind of), but overall I just think they are dirty and gross. Another couple walked in the door just as said dog was all up on the table and they were grossed out too!! The manager said it was a "service dog" but I promise this was just an old lady's lap dog... I told hubby the only way this was a "service dog" was if it was for depression/loneliness and it kept her from being that way... A service dog of happiness... I am all for dogs to help people with whatever their needs may be, but this dog was a poodle/shitzu/wiener dog at best... Oh and the best part it had a PINK outfit on that said "service dog" on it in curly italicized font... To me that says happiness like nothing else.

Oh and the other most rockin' thing we saw last night was a car with a wood board in the back window that was painted to say "Obama 08"... Now that is dedication... This person didn't even take the 5 minutes to drive to the local Democratic party's office to get a sticker, they hand painted a sign on a large plank of wood and stuck the projectile in their back window. They are willing to take a 2x4 in the back of the head for Barack. Awesome!

Tailgating today was fun! It was nice to get out, the weather was beautiful and the dedication of the OH-IO state fans is unbelievable... I did make the mistake of wearing my staple black t-shirt today, to the dismay of our hosts. I didn't realize that Purdue's colors were black and gold, I thought they were navy and gold. I would have worn something red but hubby is very appalled by the thought that we may match. We cannot ever wear the same colors at the same time. It is cute, as if that says about us that we love each other too much. He is just weird sometimes... Aren't we all?

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Anonymous said...

LOL to the no matching. Chris is the same exact way.

Ok, a true service dog, would not have its paws up on a restaurant table... she's totally faking that one. And... eww... gross!