Saturday, March 8, 2008

I have a blog?

Once again I have bestowed myself with the "Worst blogger ever!" award for 2008. I bet you all figured Christmas must have been a doozie for me... Well, it was! And I am slowly but surely recovering from it. Yes it was mid-February before we finally threw the Christmas tree out and swept up over 100,000 needles (enough to fill a yard size trash bag!!!) I am still getting those things stuck in my feet!! BTW our Christmas tree lacked ample watering, if you didn't happen to gather that by the previous few statements....

So here are a few things that have been going on at the "T" household for the past couple months.

- RT is finally potty trained... That doesn't mean in a time of weakness that I don't put a diaper on him.. So, I guess it is lazyness and not weakness... Yes, I AM A LAZY BUM AND DON'T TAKE ON MY MOTHERLY RESPONSIBILITIES HEAD ON!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!! He is full of attitude and genuine kindness... He is an awesome kid, as are all of my children... And when he busts out a loud "Yes ma'am!" at the grocery here in OH-IO I couldn't be more proud of how much he is a gentleman.... He is awesome!!

- HMac is still in school and just finished basketball season... Now on to BASEBALL season. I signed hubby up to coach thinking that they *may* need an assistant coach... When they saw his name down to coach she drew HUGE stars all over the paper and said how desperate they were for coaches this year. Ummmmm, yeah his is mad!!! HMac has been a blessing in my life for 12 years now and continues to be one of the brightest spots of my past, and one of many bright spots that are my prsent and future!! Thanks for being so awesome!!!!!!!

- Baby WT is well just Baby WT. We have decided to drop the "baby" out of his name at his 1 year birthday. Well, just because it is silly and also we can't believe it stuck so easily. We began saying baby WT to help his then 2 year old brother adjust to a new baby.... It was all don't hit baby WT, don't lick baby WT, don't kick baby WT, don't put raisins up baby WT's nose, don't put baby WT in the dryer... well you get the picture... So now, everyone we know call WT, "baby WT" so we have to STOP!! Can you see a 6' boy in high school being called Baby WT?!?! Poor guy.. It is pitiful.. So tomorrow on his 1 YO b/day - WE STOP with the Baby WT stuff!!!!!!!! Seriously... It is going to be hard but we shall over come!!

- I am still working! Can you believe they keep me around!?!? I have made one of the best friends I have ever had in my life, at work.. She is awesome, so Lia if you are reading this, Thanks for making my days brighter... You are the best!! And she keeps me motivated, we together we keep each other motivated to stay in the gym... So all my inches lost are thanks to you!!!!!!! We are complete opposites so we get along fantastic!! She is everything I wish I could be in a woman!! Super strong, knows when to keep her mouth shut, walks in the path of Jesus at all costs and is just the NICEST person I know!! She is awesome! Things will get easier!! I promise!

- Hubby is still just hubby.. He still gets up with the kids one day on the weekend and lets me sleep in!! He still sometimes, with some prodding, cleans up after himself, and on good days he helps clean up after everyone else too! After 5 years he is still the most awesome thing that has happened to me and I am thankful for him every day!!

That is about it... I will try to update more often but ya know, life happens...


Anonymous said...

life happens is no excuse for not updating! you can just start posting extremely boring posts like I do :)

You rock!!!!!

Lia :)

Lia said...

i thought you were going to keep up with this again?? :)