Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still here...

...why yes I am!! I know some of you are stopping by to see how we are and if I am OK? Well the fact of the matter is that we are doing fine, and yes I am OK, I am still alive right. I will post more on the pressing issue of my husband passing away at some other time, when I feel like I can handle writing about it. Now is still not the time for me emotionally based on below facts:

1. Halloween was super hard.
2. Wedding Anniversary was hard.
3. Thanksgiving was hard.
4. Christmas is going to be very hard.
5. Shane's 33rd birthday he isn't going to see is going to be hard.

With that said, I am doing the best I know how to keep functioning... Using my sometimes insane sense of humor to be the best mom I know how to be for my children... And missing him like hell everyday. The old saying, "One day at a time" is very applicable right now. Thank you everyone so much for the prayers and continued well wishes and positive thoughts and energy sent our way. It has really helped just knowing everyone is out there thinking of us and praying for us. Love you all!!!

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Lia said...

thinking of and praying for you!!!