Friday, August 10, 2007

This is great!

Below is an e-mail my husband wrote in reponse to a co-worker on how his day was going.. I had some business to take care of today, so this was the first time daddy was at home, alone, with the children - he was here alone with them for around 4 - 5 hours...I was terrified but now just impressed...


AlliT left at 08:00 and at that instant a fear washed over my entire being and I began to tremble. Then something miraculous happened. ....WT began to smile. As my nausea began to dissipate, I began to baby talk with him. We had a rather invigorating conversation. After that ended he decided to take a nap at 9:15.

This is my chance; I washed the dishes and straightened up the front room. I don't think I need to remind you that I did this in absolute silence, much like the Ninja's of Japan. After an hour and a half nap, the finicky monster arose from his slumber and demanded attention. After a quick diaper change, all was well, and at this point no crying for almost 180 minutes. Maybe there are higher powers at work.

After some bouncing and swinging Mr. WT decided it was time to test the waters. At 5 minutes to 12, the low rumble of discontent started. With a mighty crescendo, it climaxed at a ear piercing, blood curdling scream along with very impressive water works. Dad quick to handle any task, scooped the young T baby up, and began to tell lies and compromises' trying to stop this mental anguish.

To everything holy and mighty, only after 20 minutes of crying, the young Prince falls into a deep slumber and lays his precious little head on the couch and falls into a content sleep.

As a small tear falls from my cheek, I realize I have escaped another episode of "How long will your baby cry."

I love how daddies have no clue how much hard work being a SAHM is!! :-) I feel justified.

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I'm a Mom!..? said...

Completely Clueless!!! Sounds like everyone is intact, always good.