Friday, October 26, 2007

Ohio is fun!

Since we have lived in Ohio I have become acutely aware that this state has a festival for EVERYTHING. Two weeks ago we stumbled upon a soybean festival in our hometown.. I am talking about the town of 700 we live in.. I know I have talked this small town thing into the ground but are you kidding me? A festival that shut down Main St. (yes that is what it is called! - no seriously).. There was a small, very shaky ferris wheel, or as RT likes to call it a "Crazy Wheel" and all kinds of rides I had never ever seen before..

I told my mom one of them slightly resembled the Scrambler, for all of you fair going folks, and the teacups at Disney for all of you rich folks.... But this ride was considerably smaller and looked like soup cans cut in half, it also made this weird swooshing sound like it was going to fly apart when it spun around... It was crazy... HMac rode it a couple of times.. Until he thought he would puke and then we walked on..

Little RT decided upon a much more "safe" ride, if you could call one of those crap rides safe.. So anyway RT got on the ride - which was little metal cars that go in a circular path - and immediately decided he was way too cool for that baby stuff... The entire time he was on it he was giving us dirty looks like "How dare you put me on this childish ride?!?".. The more times it spun around the farther he slipped down into his seat... I mean seriously the looks he was giving was like he would DIE from embarrassment.. Oh have I got my hands full... GEEEEZZZZZ........... He was glad when it stopped and he could tell me how mad he was at me.. He is only 2 1/2 folks and he is like a 10 year old..

So he didn't ride any more rides the rest of the night... BUT HE DID DANCE WHEN THE BAND PLAYED LED ZEPPLIN.. Sweet!!!

So the next few weekends when we are not enjoying the holy BUCKEYES football team (which is a whole different story) we will be going to a festival of some sort... I think this weekend is the Apple Butter Festival, next weekend is the Honey Festival and the weekend after that is my favorite.. THE PUMPKIN FESTIVAL - People, this town has it's watertowers painted to look like pumpkins - year round - seriously... And my husband has employees that take off from work ALL WEEK LONG to enjoy this festival... This is serious business... .. No actually, it is insanity, but we are having fun!!!!!..

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lia said...

I am so ready for the weekend!!! And I cannot wait until budget season is over!! :)