Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still here...

I know I am the absolute worst blogger in the entire world but I am good at lists so here ya go...

Thanksgiving was good. We were in IL for the hubby's fam this year. We had fun. His family is a lot larger, louder, and crazier than mine will ever be. Loud, crazy but fun.

RT actually searched for Santa at the mall, found him, stared at him through the gate, and SAT ON HIS LAP!! I mean are you kidding me... He will barely say hi to our family members much less let anyone hold him... An old boozer Santa I mean are you serious? When Santa asked what he wanted.. all he could muster was a little mumble to say "toys please." Sweet baby!!!

I am in trouble w/hubby because I will not let his mom cut baby WT's hair... I think it is bad luck to cut hair b/4 1st birthday.. I know, I am weird.. but all the same... I carried him for 9 months, birthed him, breastfed him and my last say will be when he can or can not have his hair cut.. Who cares if he looks like a little girl.. He is too cute.. and if I have to put ribbons in his hair, then it looks like I will have to put ribbons in his hair.. He won't remember anyway... Right?!?!?

HMac is now getting breakouts on his nose and forehead - any remedies??? I need some help here.. I use the expensive ProActive.. but I hate to have an 11 year old using something that costs that much but I guess it is his embarrasment or me spending a little extra $$$... I don't know just yet if I will make him suffer through acne like I did... A little payback is in order I think. Plus he is officially now taller than me... Not saying much, I know, I am only 5'2"...

Anyway... If I have the time I will blog more... But my life is just too busy right now... So I hope this will suffice for a while... Unless I get a fire under me... Who knows... Happy late Thanksgiving... :-)

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the best cost accountant ever said...

holy cow, the ghost writer blogged!

poor H! I hated acne as a kid!! I say you go proactiv on him and not make him suffer too much.. maybe just a little.. he is a kid after all and we all have to have nightmares to think back on when we get older right?

There's something that makes me very proud to be the last remaining original cost accountant from the 2003 era. I must be really dumb! When you quit, I'll quit.

Unless if I get pregnant.. do you think they'll let me work from home?

yeah right.

See ya in the mornin!