Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Fun

A couple weeks ago the boys and I (along with my mom) went to see the Cardinals play. It was BAA night at the park which meant that little RT got to parade around the field with the rest of his little league baseball team before the game! He has so much fun!!

I had one of the staff take this shot of the boys and I. Last time we went to a game here I was pregnant with little WT and Rt was just a baby and their daddy was still around. So we had a picture taken in the same exact spot as last time..... We had a new family member and had lost a family member... Things are always so bittersweet in life, aren't they?

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RachelDenbow said...


You don't know how many times I've thought to myself,"If she can do it knowing her husband isn't coming home in a matter of time, I can do it knowing he is." I honestly have never been so at the end of my rope and needing someone else here to help me deal with life. I've cried four times today.

I admire your strength, Allison.