Friday, September 24, 2010

African Flower Hexagon Baby Blanket Complete

PHEW!!!!!!!!!!  That was insane!!  I worked on this project for a long few months and never thought I would finish.  Thank goodness I did finish just in time, ( like just a few hours) before the baby shower this past Sunday.  Momma loved it and I liked being the only person there giving a handmade item.  Seriously I spent months on this blanket and with every stitch I prayed and wished amazing things for this sweet little girl that we haven't even met yet.  Other than time spent, with every stitch there is love, hope and happiness woven into that blanket that you can't get when you hurriedly run into a store to grab items last minute for a baby shower.  I am so proud to have actually completed my first actual gift and can't wait to get busy on the rest.

Here are a few pictures of the finished product!!!

Congrats and good luck friends on your precious baby girl's arrival in late October!!!

I find out in about an hour and a half what my best friend will be having in the early spring so here we go again!!!!  So EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

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Charlie said...

This is beautiful... I love the colors! :)