Monday, July 16, 2007

Grandma T's weekend

Well we have just said goodbye to Grandma T and Great grandma White... They came from Decatur, IL to spend some time with us in the country this weekend. We had a good time.. While we didn't do much we still had a good time visiting. I guess this is the first time in a while that Great Grandma White has gotten to go anywhere on a trip, she just recently put Great Granpa in the nursing home. We had a lot of fun catching up and just spending time together.. I think RT had a blast.. Wouldn't you if all you had to do was sit around and stare at my ugly mug all day? Just kidding, he likes to have things to do other than play with me and WT.. Plus HMac is still gone so we love having company.

RT also had Grandma give him a haircut last night.. She is a hair dresser by profession so we get lots of beautifying when she is around.. He has not had a haircut in a good 4-5 months and looked like a hippie.. haha.. One would have thought she was cutting his ears off... He was raising all sorts of heck while getting his hair cut.. His dad was holding RT on his lap while grandma cut his hair. I guess I just thought that while getting your hair cut is a scary venture while you are still little, that maybe having someone you love and trust do it for you would make it a little less traumatic.. NOPE!! He was still scared out of his mind and grandma said when it was all over that she hoped he still loved her after that... That is how bad it was...

All in all we had a good weekend and were sad to see them go.

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