Friday, July 13, 2007

Daddy HMac???

HMac tried his hand at being a dad this week.... No, not to a human but to a little bird that had fallen out of it's nest. He called earlier this week from my parents house. (For those of you who don't know it is a long standing tradition that he abandons me and stays with his grandparents in TN for the ENTIRE summer.) So anyway he and his grandmother had found a little bird that fell out of its nest and decided to pick it up place it in a hanging flower pot and commence fathering.. Things went well at first, he dug worms up and fed the bird worms.. It really ate them.. He used tweezers to pick the worms up off the ground and feed the bird... He even took pictures of the bird and a movie all sent to me on my cell phone.

He called me to tell me all about it and I asked him how many worms he had fed the bird and he said like "13".. Poor little bird.. I guess he has seen me feed his little brothers.. And my feeding agenda goes as follows... If they are not wet or tired and they are crying or have their mouths open for any reason it means they are hungry so they get fed... Maybe that is why all of my children are HUGE!! So you can't really blame him for feeding the bird every time it opened it's beak, it is all he knows.

Anyway he called me on Wednesday night to tell me the little bird had passed to the other side.. I tried to be sympathetic and tell him it was ok and that was just how things were meant to be... He didn't really care though, he just wanted to tell me that nature was mean and stupid and that was the end of it, he had TV to get back to...

I am proud of him for taking responsibility though, he was a good little birdie daddy while it lasted....

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